Training & Certification

Enterprise Solutions

TLC's enterprise solutions are designed to provide your organization with customized training plans based on assessment modeling of talent strengths and identification of team weaknesses.  Together we can then develop a strategic training plan focused on weaknesses and building upon team strengths.  Our customized approach builds confidence in your teams ability to perform their work to the benefit of your security posture.


Our full solution includes assessments designed to benchmark skills and abilities within your cyber teams.  Skills Assessments, virtual computer-skills assessments that use practical, hands-on scenarios to evaluate one’s mastery of KSAs. Click here to purchase a demo today!  Our assessments are comprised of three main categories:

  1. Virtual Network Environment: Challenge based tasks are presented to the candidate in a live virtual network environment

  2. Scoring Server: Monitors student actions in real-time and determines when challenge objectives have been satisfied

  3. Analytics and Reporting Tool:  Detail reports provide fine-grain results on candidate achievement.  Analytics can also be communicated out to external systems using a WebAPI interface. 

Business - Small/Medium

Our small-medium business plans are designed to support and supplement the business goals.  Our team can assist in identifying areas of risk and assist in the development of best practices within the organizational units of the business.  Cybersecurity awareness is an essential component to an effective security posture for any business - we can assist you!


DoD 8570.01 Training

The Learning Center has been training to 8570.01 compliance for our government and contractor clients since its inception.  The Learning Center teaches over 80% of the courses listed on the 8570.01 baseline certifications.  All of our authorized content is supplemented by best-of-breed labs and exercises developed to create experiential learning.  Our government clients appreciate that The Learning Center team understands their compliance requirements of the 8570.01 directive and has an exceptional test pass rate.

Additionally, as the 8570 is updated to the 8140.01 (NICE Framework) in the near future, The Learning Center is strategically positioned to provide you with  a thorough solution to meet 8140 compliance.  The President of TLC is deeply involved in the NICE Framework as she is the Chair of the Training and Certification Working Group responsible to align/map certifications to the Work Roles.  As a woman-owned 33 year organization we qualify under SMB Woman-Owned category for procurement purposes.



Are you interested in a career in IT?  IT and Cybersecurity is identified as an high-demand occupation from entry-level positions to advanced-level.  

If you are switching your career to the exciting and dynamic IT field, you have come to the right place. The Learning Center has successfully trained many clients over its 33 year history.

Our educational coaches specialize in providing you with the best possible options and information so that you may succeed in your new IT career.

The core mission of The Learning Center is to provide the best-of-class authorized IT training for our clients. Quality instruction is the key to obtaining certification. Certification is a way to show current or future employers how valuable you are to their organization. Our certified instructors are thoroughly knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. At The Learning Center you will receive the best training the industry has to offer. !

The growth in the IT and Cybersecurity job market is booming.  Jobs at all levels are available now.  The projected workforce shortage is expected to exceed 3.1 million workers by the year 2020l - only 2 years away!  Join your choice of a rewarding career field in IT and Cybersecurity today!