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Current Status of the IT Workforce


Unemployment in the IT industry sector is 0%! 

(ISC)², in conjunction with Booze, Allen, and Hamilton, commissioned a workforce study of the Cybersecurity industry.  This study found that by the year 2020, 1.5 million Cybersecurity certified professionals will be needed in order to effectively combat the cyberwar.  As of June 2015, there were approximately 100,000 certified CISSP's.  This workforce shortage is being discussed at the highest levels within the public and private sectors.  The shortage of IT credentialed, skilled work-ready individuals is increasing at a faster rate than qualified candidates are increasing.


2015 (ISC)² Workforce Study In-Demand Professionals:

  • Cybersecurity Professionals

  • Cloud Certified Professionals

  • Developer/Programmers

  • Network Architecture Engineers

  • Project Managers

  • Entry-level Computer Support Specialists

Looking forward to 2020 and beyond, it is critical to develop clear, strategic initiatives

to ensure IT enterprise environments are staffed with a qualified, certified workforce. 

Initiatives must be developed that develop a short-term, mid-term, and long-term

strategy to encourage workers to enter the IT career field.  Cyber World Institute provides students with the training and certification needed to work in these high demand cybersecurity careers.