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Courses And Programs

The IT and Cybersecurity Job Market is Booming.

The demand for Skilled & Certified IT and Cybersecurity Professionals is outpacing supply. Every study published in 2017 indicates a shortage of skilled IT and Cybersecurity talent. IT leaders report the surge in demand is rapidly becoming their #1 business problem. Employment of IT professionals is projected to grow 12% year over year through 2024.

The best way to start your journey is with training and certification through TLC.

The Learning Center courses prepare students to enter the job market with top credentials from global credentialing bodies. Our experienced training professionals can match you with classes at any skill level, beginner to expert. It’s not just lectures and book learning – our classes include hands-on labs where you can test your skills in a real-world environment.
We are partnered with local job placement agencies and employers – depending on your employment status, you may be eligible for assistance with class fees, internships to gain work experience, and job placement once your training is complete.

IT Support

IT Support Specialists install software, set up computer workstations, and solve technical issues that arise on a day to day basis.

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Network Support Specialist

Network Support Specialists support the company's internal servers including desktop computers and other networked devices.

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Cybersecurity Specialist

A Cybersecurity Professional scopes out vulnerabilities, detects cyberthreats, and implements changes to protect and organization from cyberattacks.

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Software and Web Development

A Software Developer designs and creates applications, systems or websites that run on a computer or another device.

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